Should you lova the mango?

Do you lova the mango?  Which mango? Is it a sweet juicy drip-down-your chin mango?  Or is it a tart, furry-on-your-tongue dip in chilli, msg and sugar green mango?  Or is it the tree that shades my bedroom window mango? For me it is not option B.  I get upset at just how many green mangoes are eaten prematurely, driving the prices of the yummy ones up and making them harder to find.  I am also not a fan of the tantrum that unripened fruit brings about in my intestines.  But I do love a good mango tree.  The big ones, full of green and shade and quiet.  So in my opinion, you should lova the mango.  Even the green ones.  Because it isn’t their fault that they weren’t given the opportunity to reach their full potential.  Oh, that sounds like a segue.  That could be the very point that i refer back to a thousand times over. That could be my reference point for the rest of my life. Or this blog. Or not.

Anyways, the introduction is irrelevant.  I am a little disappointed that I indulged in it.  But it has begun and so it shall continue.  On numerous occasions I have been requested to write a bloggy blog.  Thus far I have resisted.  But on Monday I had an experience involving human feces that made me realize that my daily life is, in fact, far from what people might consider the norm.  And maybe it is read-worthy from time to time.  Please keep in mind that I will be describing some pretty awful and serious subject matter.  And please never assume that I take any of it lightly as the opposite is true.  But I have found that trying to find the joy, the funny, the ridiculous – in any setting – is a good way to cope with the reality of the human condition as I witness it.  And it should make for not-too-confrontational reading.

So the poo story may just be a good place to start.

Stay tuned…

Oh, wait – the theme…The joy, the funny, the ridiculous.

Joy – Eating a freshly cut, ripe, sweet mango that is still warm from sitting in the sun.

Funny – My attempt at this blog.

Ridiculous – My inspiration behind the name of this blog.  One of my favorite SNL characters.  Mango is ridiculous.  But you gotta lova the mango!

Mango SNL


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