I hail from the Land of Oz.  Have lived in Cambo for 7+ years.  After repeated and mainly frustrating attempts to make positive change in the country I now call home, I co-founded an organisation with some incredible people who believe in humanity, who believe in kindness, who believe that change is possible – in spite of the obstacles.  This blog is about what I see, what I hear, what I experience, what I think.  And whilst I share ideals with my co-founders, we do not always share opinions – we are not carbon copies.  So here is the disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are solely that of the author. Me. 

I have received notice that people want to say things to me.  If you fear the comments section, try: gottalovathemango@gmail.com

If you want to know about the organisation, have a look here : www.voice.org.au



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